Since 1997 we recognize the hottest toy trends and provide our customers with valuable insider tips!

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Rüdiger Gerhardt | Toytrends & -innovations – Toy Wholesaler in Germany

The Rüdiger Gerhardt company (also known as supertoytrends) exists since 1997 and has developed into a reliable partner for the whole German-speaking toy trade sector. With all our know-how in the area of toy trends and -innovations, we now have more than 2.500 dealers among our customers. We positioned ourselves as a trustworthy top partner in the toy trend article segment!

„It's our strength to quickly identify hot trends and deliver them promptly and reliably!“

Our success story

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What do we have that others don’t? What is the advantage for you?

Through our highly successful international business partners, we always know first-hand about hot articles on the important markets. We directly pass this advantage straight to our customers. It is our strengths to be able to quickly identify emerging trends, guarantee availability of goods, provide them immediately and reliably. We place great value on honest, detailed advice and best customer service! Because of the low MOQ, 'hot' toy trends can also be tested without great risk.

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Top toy wholesaler in Germany

As one of the best toy wholesalers in Germany, we partner with companies from all around the world. We are a small, flexible team and act as a international wholesaler, sales agent or distributor. When it comes to organising trend products, product launches or -imports, we are the right contact. That we are a competent partner, we also proved as an official sales partner for Rainbow Loom in Germany and Austria.

Rüdiger Gerhardt

Rüdiger GerhardtDue to his close contact with international business partners, Mr. Gerhardt has always had information and access to toy trends and innovations since 1997. With his honest and competent advice on upcoming trends, he became known throughout the German speaking world.

Mr. Gerhardt lives privately with his family in Kiefersfelden, on the border to Austria. He loves the mountains in the region, which he regulary uses for sports (mountaineering, bike and ski tours).


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